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Consult with a licensed counselor 24/7/365. 

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The right support at the right time

The Family Telehealth Program provides confidential access to a Licensed Professional Counselor to help you work through personal, family or work issues to feel happier and more productive. If needed, we can refer you to qualified professionals for long-term help. In a crisis, help is available 24/7/365.


We can help you:

Identify issues and provide practical strategies

• Relationship issues – family/parenting/marital

• Job issues – burnout, coworker conflicts

Build coping skills to support emotional/mental health

• Depression, anxiety, anger, grief, loss, addiction,

substance abuse

• Life challenges and setbacks

Connect to the right support resources

• Find services for childcare and eldercare

• Legal/financial consultation and services




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• Emotional/mental health

• Time management

• Life transitions

• Personal trauma

• Bereavement

• Domestic violence

• Dependency/addiction

• Communication difficulties

• Harassment


• Childcare services

• Summer camps

• Eldercare services

• Caregiving

• Special needs

• Parenting

• Adoption

• Teen issues

• Family relocation

Struggling with personal,

financial, or legal issues?

Everyday issues can be complicated and disruptive. It helps to talk to someone who can ease your worry and help you get back on track. Our Mental Health program, offers confidential access to Licensed Professional Counselors, as well as legal and financial experts who will listen to your issues and offer practical strategies. Consulting with our dedicated professionals can give you greater peace of mind.

Some of the other areas we can help include:

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